HI! So, I reached over 1k followers a while back and I don’t know how or why but I’m super happy and grateful that you all decided to follow me :3and with that being said I’ve decided to throw another giveaway, yaaay!nothing big though because I’m a poor student. I just happen to have two extra Block B albums that are of no use to me so why not give them to someone who actually can enjoy them ^^
I’ve also decided to do what I did last time, where you don’t have to follow me, but if you do you’ll get a giftcard because I love youuuu and I want to give you all something special :3
there will be two winners this time1st place - HER album (I’m not sure which member I want to give atm hehe) + if you follow me a $40 gift card to spend on kpoptown (preferably), yesasia or some other site that I know of
2nd place - Jackpot album (Kyung photocard) + if you follow me a $10 gift card to spend on either site listed above 
if the person who wins 1st place much rather wants the Jackpot album I’ll work something out. 
No giveaway blogs. I will check, so..no.
You can reblog as many times as you want, just don’t annoy your followers! Likes don’t count but you can like it to save the post for later.
You don’t have to follow me, but if you do you will get a special prize. Don’t follow me just for the giveaway though, that’s mean!
If you don’t respond within 24 hours I will chose someone else.
Deadline is November 3rd
I will ship to anywhere and everywhere and I will pay for the shipping.
You have to be willing to give me your name and address and if you are under 16 I want you to have your parents permission. 
I will be using random.org to select the winner
Don’t remove any text plz

Any questions, just send me an ask!

note. I made this a long giveaway because I might add something later + I start school this week and this gives me time to prepare everything :3





Leo’s shoulders are broader than my future.

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get a room jesus christ

Hong Kong, 9/2014. 

Dizzy Wright - Legendary